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Maverick Plumbing Technicians Inc.

“The insights and support from Keith and Molly at the SBDC have been invaluable to our growth.”

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Maverick Plumbing Technicians Inc., founded by a resilient husband and wife team, exemplifies the spirit of small business innovation and determination. Launched in August, this dynamic duo embarked on an entrepreneurial journey within the competitive plumbing industry. They achieved a significant milestone early in their venture by completing the wrap of their service van, not only marking a branding triumph but also symbolizing their commitment to professional growth and visibility in the community.

The inspiration for Maverick Plumbing Technicians stemmed from a desire to create a legacy of quality, reliability, and service excellence in the plumbing sector. Fueled by a passion for craftsmanship and an entrepreneurial spirit, founders Jorge and Aracele envisioned a business that would not only meet the immediate needs of their customers but also establish new standards of customer care and innovation within the industry.

However, like many small businesses, Maverick Plumbing Technicians faced challenges, particularly in financial planning, marketing strategy development, and operational management. With the guidance of SBDC advisors like Keith Holtaway and Molly O’Kane, the company navigated through these obstacles. From securing financing to implementing effective marketing strategies and streamlining operations with tools like QuickBooks and Google Ads, their commitment to learning and adaptation led to the successful recoupment of their initial investment and enabled both founders to draw compensation from their business.

Perhaps the most impactful assistance came from the strategic guidance and personalized mentorship provided by the SBDC. Workshops and consultations on financial management, marketing, and operational efficiency equipped Maverick Plumbing Technicians with the tools necessary for sustainable growth. The SBDC’s support in refining their digital marketing efforts, particularly through the use of AI in crafting compelling Google review templates, played a crucial role in enhancing their online presence and customer engagement.

Reflecting on their journey, Aracele expressed, “The insights and support from Keith and Molly at the SBDC have been invaluable to our growth. Their expertise has not only guided us through challenges but also inspired us to innovate and excel.”