Keith Holtaway

Strategy, Startup, and Access to Capital Advisor

Santa Cruz SBDC

About Me:

Keith Holtaway is an award winning Bay Area business consultant with a 20-year track record of proven successes. He has helped germinate the seeds of his clients’ ideas and helped transform them into award-winning and successful, local and nationally recognized businesses.

Keith works closely with CEOs, senior management, executive directors, project managers, small and large business owners, and start-ups to quickly get their best thinking in writing and begin seeing results. He works with the client and team to develop clear, concise and aligned plans for achieving their quarterly and annual objectives for revenue, profit, cost reduction and other key measurements that are important to the overall success of their organization.

Born in New Jersey, Keith has a BA in History and English, was the Co-Founder of Pizza My Heart, a past Executive Director of the Santa Cruz Downtown Association, Director of the Small Business Development Center at Hartnell College, State Star for the Central California SBDC Region, holder of multiple awards for Excellence in Economic Performance for the Santa Cruz County SBDC, and co-winner for the 2016 Santa Cruz Nexties “Mentor of the Year” award.

Keith also hold the rank of Sandan in Shorinji Ryu karate, as a 3rd degree black belt.

Expertise: Business Concept and Validation Business Planning Starting a Business