Pam Covarrubias

Marketing Advisor (English/Spanish)

Santa Cruz SBDC

About Me:

Connecting Humans through curiosity and adventure making the world a better place. Dynamically skilled as an Intuitive Brand Builder, Productivity Coach, Podcaster, Speaker, Certified Crystal Healer, EFT Practitioner, and Recovering Procrastinator.

Pam Covarrubias primarily spends her time elevating womxn and small businesses by helping them develop their brand in intuitive ways, while also staying true to their unique story. Throughout her diverse career, Pam learned the importance of branding and positioning in an ever-changing market. She utilizes her natural skills, as a highly intuitive and creative human and as a strategic marketer and coach, to develop systems that help individuals accomplish their intentions. She brilliantly blends creativity and practicality to help her clients achieve success.

Pam’s mission is to Spread Ideas, Move People. As a creator, speaker, mentor, and visionary, she strives to bring products, support, insight, and accountability to those around her.

Expertise: Digital Marketing Rebranding